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Caroline, 21; I like bubble tea and drawing and ghosts. This is my inspiration/interests blog!

I have a twitter and whoops it's mostly tmnt tweets rn. Visit pastryghostart for my drawing blog. I'm trying to get more organized. :'D

so… guan and I made some.. pillows…….. themed gravity falls…. I have no excuse.

the first three are the front/back/details of a Hunkle Stan pillow I made for my friend Hannah for her birthday XD;; and the second pillow with Caesar Cipher and Gideon’s star (ahem ahem, pyramid-kun and star-chan) is for.. my…. college dorm…… all six of my roommates will think I am super cool, guys.

HELp i’m addicted to this show

"Would you like some coffee? It’s imported all the way from Columbia."
"Ooooh… I went to jail there once."

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