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Caroline, 21; I like bubble tea and drawing and ghosts. This is my inspiration/interests blog!

I have a twitter and whoops it's mostly tmnt tweets rn. Visit pastryghostart for my drawing blog. I'm trying to get more organized. :'D

:C so my macbook needs to be repaired urrrrgh
It won’t load up past the startup screen no matter what I try, so I’ll just have to take it to the apple store when I get back in town…

tl;dr: boo no more digital art for a little while :| frustrating, especially because hey I actually wanna work on stuff??

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#annoying things...  #and i was working on some Motorcity fanart  #uurrrrgh  #i emailed myself a wip earlier so maybe i can salvage that  #it's just annoying because i want to do art with all the colors at my fingertips!  #and my tablet only works with my laptop and if it's busted....